Der Große Neustart

Der Große Neustart

Volocopter: Revolution der Luftmobilität

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Volocopter⁠ ist DER Pionier der Luftmobilität. Bei den Olympischen Sommerspielen in Paris 2024 wird das deutsche Startup Geschichte schreiben: Dank der Unterstützung des französischen Präsidenten Macron und Bundeskanzler Scholz wird Volocopter offiziell seinen VoloCity-Lufttaxi-Service für Passagiere einsetzen. 

⁠CEO Dirk Hoke⁠: "Wir bieten weltweit die höchsten Sicherheitsstandards." 

Innerhalb von 13 Jahren ist Volocopter zum Marktführer in der Advanced Air Mobility-Industrie geworden, hat beide Zertifizierungen -für Produktion und Design- erhalten; allein die EASA fordert 1 Milliarde Test-Flugstunden! 

⁠Volocopter⁠ hat ein ganzes Ökosystem aufgebaut: Volocity, die Passagierdrohne, Frachtdrohnen, VoloRegion für längere Strecken, Landeplätze und VoloIQ – 500+ Mitarbeiter und weltweit sechs Standorte. Dirk Hoke betont die Bedeutung von elektrischen Flügen über Großstädten, um Staus und Umweltverschmutzung zu reduzieren: "Zudem sind wir so sicher, dass selbst wenn von den 18 Rotoren unseres Lufttaxis 2 oder 3 oder selbst 6 Rotoren ausfallen, eine sichere Landung garantiert werden kann." Auch ein Grund für die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit der ADAC-Luftrettung. 

Der globale Lufttaxi-Markt boomt bereits - die Regierungen in den USA und China haben das erkannt und unterstützen ihre Unternehmen tatkräftig. Alle Zeichen stehen auf Schlüsselindustrie: Der Airtaxi-Marktwert soll laut Fortune Business in den nächsten 4 Jahren um 58% wachsen, neue Arbeitsplätze schaffen - und natürlich, als großer Beitrag in Richtung Net-Zero den Städte- und Zubringer-Verkehr klimafreundlich unterstützen.

Wir sprechen über die Anfänge von Volocopter bis heute, wo sie Nummer eins in Europa sind, einschließlich Herausforderungen wie Widerstand in der Lokalpolitik. Über Investoren und die dringende Notwendigkeit der Zusammenarbeit von Politik, Wissenschaft und Industrie sowie die Rolle des Pioniergeistes in der Bewältigung von Widerständen und der Gestaltung einer neuen Ära der Luftmobilität.

ISSB Chair Emmanuel Faber: Leading Sustainable Finance Transformation

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With endorsements from the G20, UN, World Bank, IOSCO, the ⁠International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) ⁠stands at the forefront of standard-setting efforts, shaping the future of sustainable finance and reporting worldwide.

Founded in 2021 at COP26 in Glasgow, under the stewardship of ⁠Emmanuel Faber as Chair⁠, the ISSB has become a globally recognized and respected standard-setter.

Within its first two years, the ISSB has issued the inaugural IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards: IFRS S1 General Requirements for Disclosure of Sustainability-related Financial Information and IFRS S2 Climate-related Disclosures. It reduced the ‘alphabet soup’ of sustainability disclosures by incorporating standards and frameworks from the Value Reporting Foundation, the Climate Disclosure Standards Board, and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) into ISSB Standards.

- It secured endorsement of its Standards by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and published a roadmap for supporting jurisdictional adoption.
- Already, on Finance day at COP28, close to 500 organizations from 64 jurisdictions, representing $120 trillion in assets, have signed the statement of support.
- Global regulatory backing comes from regulators and standard setters from 40+ jurisdictions, including ASEAN, EU, Japan, UK, and more.

⁠Emmanuel Faber, a pioneer for decades⁠ - leading as CEO and Chairman of Danone to become a global leader in corporate sustainability - was named one of the "World’s 50 Greatest leaders" by Fortune. This background makes him the perfect fit for the ISSB to revolutionize sustainability reporting.

Key topics include:
- The rationale behind new global ISSB standards
- The implementation of a global scanning system for the company's entire value chain.
- The significance of Scope 3.
- Future-proofing businesses.
- Up-skilling boards.
- The urgency of addressing climate change.
- Aligning corporate practice with ESG and SDG principles to drive long-term value creation. And more.

Alastair Campbell: Reshaping Political Debate

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Alastair Campbell, renowned as Britain's leading political master communicator, is pioneering the way in regaining control of the UK's political debate while also garnering a massive following worldwide. His podcast, "The Rest is Politics," co-hosted with former Tory Cabinet minister Rory Stewart, boasts over one million listeners per episode, dominating charts from the UK to Suriname. Their ability to captivate audiences is evident in their capacity to fill venues like the Royal Albert Hall in no time.

„We are just two guys who talk politics.”

Campbell's charm lies not just in his intellect and his special use of language but also in his humor and wit, making this conversation as enlightening as it is entertaining. In our 60 minutes, we delve into various pressing topics:

• his influence on setting the political tone
• domestic and international political challenges and the need for fundamental resetting
• Citizen empowerment and how to handle today’s endless propaganda and stupidity
• the exhausted democratic systems in the West, effective leadership strategies,
• the misuse of language and transitioning to a language of respect
• he‘s one out of million Brits, whose linguistic abilities, he speaks German and French, provide a unique lens through which to analyze Franco-German politics,
• and of course, reflecting on Campbell's career milestones, including his powerful role in Tony Blair's government and being one of the few high-profile Brits who openly address mental health.

"But What Can I do?"

Alastair’s latest book, "But What Can I Do?," - book 19 in 16 years - skyrocketed to Sunday Times Bestseller status. He offers citizens a comprehensive guide to engage in politics effectively. And! people do take his words literally and go out, get into action, and start working in politics.

Campbell offers profound insights drawn from decades of experience - tune in to our wonderful hour with a person whose life is politics.

Earthshot Laureate Florent Kaiser: The Andean Eco Revolutionary

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Florent Kaiser⁠, CEO of Global Forest Generation and ⁠Earthshot Prize Winner⁠, has unveiled the extraordinary accomplishments of ⁠Acción Andina⁠. This grassroots initiative, co-founded by Asociación Ecosistemas Andinos, is deeply rooted in ancient Inca principles of "Ayni and Minka." Together, they have planted nearly 10 million native trees since 2018, rejuvenating over 4,000 hectares of Andean forests. The activities are already helping thousands of people by increasing food and water security, providing new income opportunities.

What's the goal?
By 2045, they aim to protect and restore one million hectares of high Andean native forest ecosystems across Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

Why is this crucial?
The Andean Forest isn't just a habitat for endangered species; it's a lifeline for indigenous communities and a guardian of water security for millions. Over the years, deforestation, animal grazing, and mining have depleted high Andean forests, leaving less than 10% of the region’s native forests. This has severe consequences for local and indigenous communities.

Florent: "The native forests of the Andes region are not only one of the world’s richest and most diverse ecosystems but also a critical tool in our fight against climate change."

We delve into Florent's personal journey and his work with ⁠Constantino Aucca Chutas, Co-Founder and President of Acción Andina⁠ and explore their common mission, challenges, and the search for solutions – and everything necessary to protect and restore our planet's ecosystems.

Martin Wolf: Reshaping Capitalism

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⁠Martin Wolf, the Chief Economics Commentator at the Financial Times⁠ and one of the world's top 100 global thinkers, delves deep into the core of our global economic and political systems. Wolf's latest book, ⁠The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism,⁠ serves as the foundation for our exploration of the fundamental question:

Is the West's Democratic Capitalism the optimal system to confront the world's complex and interconnected challenges?

We examine various models, such as: Democracy without Capitalism, Capitalism without Democracy, Stakeholder Capitalism, State Capitalism, Socialism, Global Dictatorship, Plutocracy, and the growing specter of fascism.

Wolf's insights into the resurgence of geopolitics in business, the impact of globalization, and the roles of multilateral organizations and central banks offer vital context. Moreover, we address the pressing need for reform within the Bretton Woods institutions.

This episode makes a significant contribution to the ongoing discourse regarding the future of our economic and political systems, featuring one of the most influential economics journalists on a global scale, ⁠Martin Wolf⁠.

UN Global Compact: SDGs - the North Star for Business

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🌐 ⁠Sanda Ojiambo, the Assistant Secretary-General and CEO of the United Nations Global Compact⁠, shines a spotlight on the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative and the driving force behind the ⁠Sustainable Development Goals⁠ (SDGs). With over 18,000 corporate participants spanning 160 countries, the UN Global Compact aligns businesses with principles in human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.

🎙️ "The SDGs are the singular uniting force across all sectors, nations, and economies.”

The UN Global Compact stands as an unwavering pillar in the global landscape, however, the sobering truth is that only 15% of the SDGs are currently on track. Sanda Ojiambo shares her perspectives on why this is the case and outlines the necessary steps to drive progress.

🎙️ “The SDGs are the North Star for business.” She reaffirms the profound influence of the SDGs on the corporate world.

We explore critical topics such as the widening financial gap, currently estimated at $3.9 trillion, and the pivotal need for reform in multilateral development banks.

🤝 Our discussion extends to the transformative impact of the ⁠UN Global Compact's Ten Principles⁠, shaping responsible business practices in diverse industries.

🤝 We also uncover the potential of the ⁠UNGC Academy⁠, where companies seamlessly integrate the SDGs into their core strategies, further accelerating progress.

💡 Sanda Ojiambo unveils the UN Global Compact's new strategy, and the power of strategic partnerships in driving change.

🌍 Gain insights into the organization's Africa strategy, the influential role of Science-Based Targets, and the delicate equilibrium between the private and public sectors in fostering tangible change.

It is also an inspiring journey through Sanda Ojiambo's remarkable career and her tireless efforts to make a positive impact on our world.

No Water, No Climate, No Survival: Special Envoy's Fight for Global Stability

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Henk Ovink is the pioneering Special Envoy for International Water Affairs. Discover how the Netherlands leads the way in sustainable water management through the First International Water Envoy, addressing urgent challenges impacting 2.2 billion people with freshwater scarcity and ecosystem devastation.

"The water cycle is out of balance. If we don't fix the water crises we will never be able to fix the climate crises."

🎙️Henk Ovink, armed with extensive expertise, shines as a beacon of hope for global collaboration. With 50% of their land below sea level, the Dutch spearhead groundbreaking flood control, water purification, and infrastructure innovations.

🎙️Uncover diplomatic strategies to resolve water-related conflicts affecting 40% of the world's population, factors behind water scarcity for 2.2 billion people, and the shocking sanitation crisis affecting 4.2 billion people.

"Water is the beginning and the end."

🎙️Explore the consequences of inadequate wastewater management releasing 80% of global wastewater, regions grappling with unsustainable groundwater extraction, and the threats to marine ecosystems from overfishing, plastic pollution, and rising temperatures.

"Water is connected to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals."

🎙️Uncover the interconnectedness of water with all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, forging a secure and sustainable water future. Will we overcome these challenges and ensure a future where our oceans thrive? Join us in finding out.

Prince Albert II Foundation: Monaco's Green Revolution

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Monaco⁠, the most densely-populated sovereign state in the world, smaller than New York's Central Park, has emerged as a powerful advocate for ocean and marine life conservation.

Prince Albert, Head of State and president of his foundation, played a significant role in shaping ⁠SDG 14⁠, the United Nations sustainable development goal entirely dedicated to the Ocean. He also spearheaded a campaign to ban global fishing of the endangered Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna. „When the world turned a blind eye, he rallied the local community to take action“, reveals ⁠Olivier Wenden, CEO and Vice President⁠ of the ⁠Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation⁠. As a result, every restaurant and retailer in principality removed this precious species from their shelves and menus.

"We are doers, we are collaborative activists.“

Their commitment to environmental stewardship and collaborative activism is showcased through 750 projects dedicated to biodiversity, climate, the ocean, and water resources. 

As Monaco celebrates its⁠ first Green Shift Festival⁠, transforming the principality into a hub of ecological discussions, we delve into the festival, the foundation's numerous initiatives, Monaco's role in safeguarding the planet's health, and the path to creating a better future. A wonderful optimistic conversation.

Jim Hagemann Snabe: The Reinvention of Everything

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The FT called him one of Europe’s leading industrialists and transformational leaders - and transforming is exactly what he does. Transforming and reinventing companies, across sectors and across industries. Dreaming big. First as Co-CEO and Chairman at the giant software company ⁠SAP⁠ and recently, taking ⁠A.P Møller-Maersk⁠, the Danish conglomerate that dominates container shipping, into the new era of decarboniziation.

“Our attention should be to bring hardware and software together - the physical and digital world."

⁠Jim Snabe⁠ is currently Chairman of Germany’s leading industrial group ⁠Siemens⁠, Board member of ⁠C3.AI⁠, new Chair of the Swedish battery Start-up ⁠Northvolt⁠ and Member of the Board of Trustees at the ⁠World Economic Forum.⁠

“Dreaming big and turning big dreams into achievable goals.” 

You might agree with me that he is the quintessence of a positive story - after listening to the conversation that include:

🎤 what he means by "reinventing everything” 
🎤 "radically implementing the goal”
🎤 decarbonising all industries
🎤 stakeholder capitalism
🎤 what ai can and should and should not do
🎤 assumptions & pioneering leadership
🎤 Greenland's ice and polar bears 
🎤 his books "Dreams and Details" and "Tech for Life”

The Saami: Custodians of Our Planet

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Áslak Holmberg, President of the Saami Council, is a pioneering leader who fights for the rights of 80.000 Indigenous people in the Arctic - on the global stage.

Speaking at the UN, the IPCC or in Davos, Áslak makes sure the world understands what it means to be Indigenous in the middle of Europe; being European citizens, whose rights to their land, their water and their traditional way of making a living, through fishing and reindeer herding, is being denied.

“We are colonized by 4 European countries: Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. That means, we are not in charge of our own territories, governing or livelihood.”

Throughout this Podcast my key thought is, “How can we sustain the planet if we don’t empower the very people who dedicate their life to it?”

In our conversation, Àslak and I talk about:

🎤 Indigenous communities as the Custodians of our planet, because they live in peace with nature. They are driven by sustainability, not by growth, by their love of the environment not by terrorizing it.

🎤 Despite comprising 5% of the world‘s population, Indigenous people protect 80% of the Earth's biodiversity. We are in urgent need of their knowledge if we really want to tackle climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

🎤 The Saami deserve a seat at the table – so do all representatives of the global Indigenous community. There are more than 476 million Indigenous people in the world, spread across 90 countries and representing 5,000 different cultures, living in all geographic regions.

🎤 Since 2007, the UN’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples contains a legally vague, yet symbolically significant, recognition of Indigenous people’s rights over the development of their own territories. It can only be just the start.

🎤 Today, young leaders like Áslak are being listened to in the international arena – but not in the nation states that occupy them and strip them of their rights. Norway, for example, has illegally built the world’s largest onshore wind farm with 1,000 turbines on Saami land, effectively killing one of the two ways the Saami can make a living in that area.

🎤 Áslak has for the past decade worked with Saami and indigenous issues through NGOs, the Saami parliament, as well as through activism and academia. He is a fisherman, teacher and holds a master’s degree in Indigenous studies.

Über diesen Podcast

We support the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset to build a just society for the 21st century. Reaching audiences in 90 countries, we are a safe haven for revolutionary ideas where leaders talk in depth about how they transform our industries, medicine, business, education, technology, and the social contract. From Prof Klaus Schwab, WEF Chairman, Dr Rajiv Shah, President of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Achim Steiner, UNDP Chair, to tech pioneers, the world's 1st water envoy & chief heat officer, and individuals who change our lives and the planet for the better.

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