Der Große Neustart

Der Große Neustart

Prince Albert II Foundation: Monaco's Green Revolution

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Monaco⁠, the most densely-populated sovereign state in the world, smaller than New York's Central Park, has emerged as a powerful advocate for ocean and marine life conservation.

Prince Albert, Head of State and president of his foundation, played a significant role in shaping ⁠SDG 14⁠, the United Nations sustainable development goal entirely dedicated to the Ocean. He also spearheaded a campaign to ban global fishing of the endangered Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna. „When the world turned a blind eye, he rallied the local community to take action“, reveals ⁠Olivier Wenden, CEO and Vice President⁠ of the ⁠Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation⁠. As a result, every restaurant and retailer in principality removed this precious species from their shelves and menus.

"We are doers, we are collaborative activists.“

Their commitment to environmental stewardship and collaborative activism is showcased through 750 projects dedicated to biodiversity, climate, the ocean, and water resources.

As Monaco celebrates its⁠ first Green Shift Festival⁠, transforming the principality into a hub of ecological discussions, we delve into the festival, the foundation's numerous initiatives, Monaco's role in safeguarding the planet's health, and the path to creating a better future. A wonderful optimistic conversation.

⁠Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco⁠ - ⁠Olivier Wenden, CEO and Vice President⁠ - ⁠Green Shift Festival⁠ - ⁠UN SDGs⁠ - ⁠World Economic Forum's Great Reset⁠ - ⁠Host: Sibylle Barden⁠


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