Der Große Neustart

Der Große Neustart

Destination Earth: Creating the Planet's Digital Twin

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Destination Earth is a high precision digital model of the Earth.

It is the EU’s flagship initiative to create a digital replica of our entire planet. "This replica is a Digital Twin in fact. It’s a gigantic task, that requires the world’s biggest computing to create the most precise data to tackle climate change.” That’s how Dr. Peter Bauer describes this 7 billion Euro project which he heads.

It's part of the EU’s Green Deal to tackle climate change and it is meant to provide pinpoint evidence-based support to enable Member States to implement the green transformation. Destination Earth aims to provide the complex software and hardware environment needed for the next generation of very high-resolution prediction models. By 2030, a full digital replica of Earth and all its resources is expected to have been achieved.

DestinE Actors: The EU Commission leads in coordination with Member States and Associated Countries and with the European Space Agency, the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts and European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites.

Peter Bauer talks about:

  • How Destination Earth can help the planet to heal - first digitally, then in reality
  • How to improve our understanding of climate change and enable solutions at global, regional and local level
  • How to predict where to live safely for the next five decades
  • How to provide pinpoint evidence-based support to implement the Green Transformation
  • What Destination Earth has in common with the Metaverse
  • This immense multi-stakeholder approach
  • Obstacles and finances including the impact of the energy crisis
  • The search for excellent talent


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